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Re: [epub] HTML vs. Text
<> said;

> The conclusion seems unavoidable to me - it is largely HTML format 
> publications that will make it as major, long term, viable media.

Well put, Alan.

The 'text vs html' debate has been raging ever since I got involved
with 'lists/discussion groups/newsletters/ezines and the like
some 5 years ago.

At that time, the primary detractors were the owners themselves,
who presented a multitude of  reasons why HTML based newsletters
just were not feasible.  Well, the tide has turned and it now appears
the general email reading public has expressed the desire for HTML.

IMHO--this happened for several reasons.

#1)  Todays computers are a far cry from the Radio Shack TRS-80
Model 1 that I banged on some 22 years ago.  Buy a new machine
from Dell or Gateway and it comes loaded for bear;-software wise.  
Able to choke down just about any message thrown at it.
The modem/connection remains a problem area, but as broadband
in one form or another becomes the rule, that will change too.

#2)  With the advent of Windows and the GUI, the general public
has become used to the idea of  'point-click-shoot' when it comes
to navigating your way round the computer.  Why should a newsletter
be treated any differently?

#3)  Lastly,  we have become thoroughly acclimated to a whole variety
of special effects as in visually oriented.  Have you ever met someone who
did not like THE MATRX?  Golly Jeepers, Batman the FX in that movie
were just something else again.  The HTML train has already pulled out
of the station and is picking up some momentum.  Time to be onboard.

Thought you might like to read some about HTML.

Just my own .02 cents worth.



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