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Re: [epub] HTML vs. Text (from a reader's view)
I asked my readers ..  of the relatively small bunch of responses so far, only
ONE has said anything nice about HTML...  one even said what I put out is worth
a lot more than graphics and fancy stuff, and I shouldn't waste my time on the
format as long as the message gets out.

Funny... what I put in the archives at and is the exact piece I mail out in plaintext.  works
out just fine.... you be the judge.   The only difference is that at the website
there's a background image and plenty of coding underneath, but the actual
publication is embraced within <pre> </pre> tags!


jlac wrote:

> > > The conclusion seems unavoidable to me - it is largely HTML format
> > > publications that will make it as major, long term, viable media.


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