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[epub] html = be creative with sound
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  • Subject: [epub] html = be creative with sound
  • From: "Cantu from" <HumorHelper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 06:18:51 -0800 (PST)
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Cantu says,

From: "Chris Pirillo" <> Wrote
Subject: RE: Sound with email

Imagine what radio stations could do with it, eh? 

Cantu says.

Yes provided, like radio, I can choose when (and even
if) I want to hear it; I can turn it on or off when Is
desire; and I can tune in what I want to hear - if I
like rock, don't surprise me with me classical. If I
want gardening tips don't surprise me with investment

Message: 2
From: "Linda Randall" wrote

Come  on  Epubers-put on your thinking hats and lets
rally some positive ways sound can work instead of
complaining this time.  

Cantu says

Given I can control what sound I listen to, and when I
listen to sound, and for what duration then yes, sound
can work.


If you publish speaker's ezine and want to include
audio clips of selected or featured subscribers (audio

If you publish a comedian's ezine and want to include
audio clips of selected or featured subscribers' act.
(Audio sound bites)

If you publish an ezine for voice over talent and want
to run classifieds of talent looking for work. (audio

If you publish an ezine for auto repair and you run
sounds that mean trouble if your engine makes them: If
your engine make this sound, the problem is most
likely is . . . (diagnostic tool)

If you publish a bird ezine and a subscriber wants to
share the recordings they got of the rarely seen song
bird, the Barbarus Streisandus. (Sharing a
non-MasterCard moment).  In other words, sound would
work any time sound is appropriate - but not just
because one has the capabilities to do it.
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