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[epub] Ezine exit strategies

> I've been wondering about ezine exit strategies
> lately. The options
> available include:
> - selling your ezine itself to another publisher
> - selling your ezine reader list to another
> publisher/advertiser
> - announcing to your readership that you'll no
> longer be publishing it
> - just stop sending out your ezine
> What others exist?
> Which would you consider acceptable and ethical?
> How would you handle the process itself?

Other options (And being somewht handicapped not
knowing why one wants to stop/get out):

Keep it in existence but:

Offer it for free to the subscriber who has most time,
energy, and motivation to keep it going.

Offer it for free to committee of susbscribers.

Keep ownership and offer a rotating
editor/publishership every 3-6-8 months.

Ask the same question of your readers as you did here.

In closing it reminded of one of the first answers I
got to to the exit survey I used for my first ezine (I
now have six ranging from monthlies to weeklies).

Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 16:57:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: D******* L*** <>
Re: May I asked how we failed to met your expectations?
To: HumorHelper <>

 Could I ask you to please take a little bit of time
 and answer a few questions?
 1. What did you expect to find when you joined the
 I do not know, but not that, ok?

 2. How did we fail to meet your expectations?
 i don't like it

 3. What made you decide to Unsubscribe from the
 Cantu_Humor ezine?

 4. What improvements would you suggest?
 Delete it

Please feel free to add any additional comments! Your 
opinions are appreciated!  Thank you for you time,
your patience, your goodwill  - - - and for being a
warm and sensitive human  being.


PS: Her out and out bluntness of her distaste for the
results of my time, energy, and hard effort made me
laugh out loud.
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