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Re: [epub] Free Link Popularuty Reporter ?

Jessica Zame

Evgeni Verigo wrote:
> Hello, collegues!
> I have a question. Does anybody know any free services in the WWW that
> provides the features similar to the following:
> “LinksGnome checks link popularity of your web site and reports the total
> number and complete list of sites linking to your site. It also finds out
> your competitors on the Internet and lists web sites linking to them as
> well.”
> I want to check the number of links to my web site and to compare them with
> my competitors. I like their service but it is not free. I hope that there
> other services that do the same but for free. Is it possible to do this
> without contacting Search Engines? Ealier I used to go to every search
> engine and checking this. This took more time.
> I am looking forward for your help. Thank you very much for your help in
> advance.
> Best Regards,
> Evgeni Verigo, Tech. Manager


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[epub] Free Link Popularuty Reporter ? Evgeni Verigo
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