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RE: [epub] Soooooo quiet!
Janet -

I'm sort of a newbie here, too. I enjoy learning, so spend most of my time
listening instead of talking. I'm relaxing a wee bit after publishing our
ezine this weekend. Everybody??? Keep posting so I can keep reading.

Jean Muehlfelt
A global community of women

-----Original Message-----
From: Janet Roberts []
Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2001 10:37 AM
Subject: [epub] Soooooo quiet!

Hello from a list newbie here. One of the highlights of my day is reading
what's new on epub, but the list has been quiet! Is it deadline time all
over the Web? Okay, so I'll just toss in my 22 cents (inflation, you know)
and say how much I have enjoyed reading everyone's experiences and
following up on everyone's links. I've also come back up to speed on all
the link discussion (as an AOL refugee) thanks to the conversation here.
Looking forward to more good conversation!

Janet Roberts
Associate Editor


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Re: [epub] Soooooo quiet! Jan Tincher, Hypnotherapist
[epub] Soooooo quiet! Janet Roberts
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