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[epub] Moving my large list
Hi all-

Homefires Hearth needs to move to a new listhost.  For the past nine
months we've been sponsored by a site in which they paid for the
listhosting through Sparklist in exchange for 50% of the ad revenue
(they provided 3 ads per week).  In that time we've grown considerably
and by our second anniversary on 4/30 should be well over 6000
subscribers.   Problem is that the market has fallen out of the
advertising business and my sponsor is losing money paying Sparklist
now.  I need to make a decision quickly and have the move done by 5/31

So the question is - where to move.  I don't want to move to Egroups -
don't like em for lots of reasons including the difficulty accessing
their site by a lot of people and the lack of customer service.
Topica is a possibility, but I'm really leery of a free listhost in
these turbulent times.

So I'm looking for a paid listhost, someone good but that won't cost
an arm and a leg.  If anyone here wants to write me offlist at about this, please do so.  I'd like to have it
narrowed down to a few possiblities sometime next week.  I hated the
move from Egroups to Sparklist last July and I'm dreading moving such
a large list in the next few weeks.

Debbie Adams
"Being confident in this, that He who began a good work in you
will be faithful to complete it." ~~ Phil 1:6


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Re: [epub] Moving my large list Mickie Kennedy
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