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Re: [epub] Moving my large list

Run, don't walk, to Topica - great customer service and are
perfect for text-based announcement lists.  Plus, you keep
your advertising and they simply add three line ads to top
and bottom (and you get a share of that revenue).  It won't
be much money at this point -- but fact is you won't be
paying huge fees for list hosting -- and any money your
sponsor gives you at this point will go to you and not a
paid list service.  I recommend anyone with general interest
newsletters and who are paying for hosting to consider
Topica.  You have 24/7 ability to download subscribers (I
download weekly just to have backup) and never feel trapped.
When there are problems, they are responsive -- and now
they have a fail-safe unsubscribe feature (making them as
appealing as most Lyris-based systems).

If you send an email to me at (or
if anyone else out there is interested), I can put you in
touch with a person at Topica who can assist you in move
over including importing your existing subscribers.

Warm regards,

Mickie Kennedy                                          <>
Tel: (410) 732-0871          "Give your e-mail a daily checkup!"


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[epub] Moving my large list Debbie Adams
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