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[epub] Re: Best day of the week
Hi, Everyone ...

Have a question about "what is the best day of the week to distribute an 
ezine?".  Does anyone have any thoughts, experience, knowledge or know any 
organization who has "studied" this?  Or what is your tendency with your own 
ezines that you subscribe to?  

Do you tend to open/read them on a certain day of the week?  Are there any 
days you tend to delete more email without reading them (including ezines) 
because your mail box is overflowing with mail and getting unmanageable?

I ask because I was wondering if there was a parallel to direct marketing 
offline (ie., best days of the week to send a direct marketing piece and get 
it opened are Monday and Tues.).

I could see upsides and downsides to both beginning and ending of week 
publication  date but was wondering if there was a certain common thread on 
this group what day of the week you publish and was there a conscious 
decision as to why that publication day?

**Another question**

I also wondering about length.  Is there a recommended max. length for an 
ezine?  Approx. how many pages is your ezine if you were to print it out?  I 
ask because I will be finally sending out my first issue next week (I can't 
believe how long it took me to get the first issue together ... it's like 
giving birth to a baby with all those labor pains :))) and I don't know if it 
is too long.  My ezine is a monthly publication.

Would love your input on both.

Have a great day!


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