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RE: [epub] Re: Best day of the week
Denise & all,

Your question about the timing of email is an interesting one. At, we have developed a proprietary technology based upon real
astrology (unique set of calculations for each person's birth data). We
deliver an opt-in email that delivers personalized information on 6-10 times
per months, based on your individual rhythms. We have just begun research on
timing non-astrological emails to individual cycles to increase readership
and/or response. This is very exciting, since no one has ever used a
statistical database approach with astrological data in an Internet-enable
"real time feedback loop."

Of course, Denise, our email services are predicated on collecting birthdata
with an opt-in registration. If you are interested in seeing what kind of
information we can deliver based only on a birthdate demographic, go to and hit "JOIN STARIQ." Our emails all have a ONE-CLICK
remove, and we get less than a 5% remove from people who have been on the
service for a year!

Incidentally, we just went live, providing this service, along with other
astrology content, on!

 Rick Levine, President & Chief Wizard  "...because timing is everything."


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[epub] Re: Best day of the week Mydenise
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