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RE: [epub] Re: Best day of the week

I publish a weekly e-zine for healthcare professionals and send it out in
the middle of the week--typically Wednesday morning. I think people find
themselves digging out on Mondays, and very much ready for the weekend by
Friday, so I'd suggest perhaps sending it Tuesday or Wednesday.

I see that you said you publish only once a month? Have you thought about
breaking your e-zine into smaller bits and sending out weekly or perhaps
bimonthly?  By sending only monthly, it may take a bit longer to establish
some form of bond with your readers. Just a thought!

My e-zine typically runs 4-5 pages....a bit long, but I make sure it is
chock full of useful and appropriate information. Do be sure to run a table
of contents up at the top so readers can easily scroll directly to the
articles that interest them the most.

If interested in seeing a sample issue of COR Healthcare Leadership Trend
Watch, or to sign up, go to

Best of luck!


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[epub] Re: Best day of the week Mydenise
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