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Re: [epub] Re: Best day of the week
Hi, Denise.

When I took over Rim Digest in Feb. 2000 with 32 subs, it was published on
Thursday, so I stuck with that. As I neared 200 subs, reader feedback suggested I
do one more a week, so I started doing Mondays as well.
My feedback says both days work for MY readers, and I know that my MOOD, or how
busy I am, more than the day of the week, decide when I really pore over the
ezines I receive...also, upon nearing 1000 subs, when I needed to clear out a big
backload of free ads, I started doing Saturday issues, meant to be only
temporary, in November of last year and now, with 4200-ish subs, I am still doing
3 issues a week and get about equal feedback on each of those days.
From an advertising viewpoint, I am told that those who run solo ads do best if
they are sent early in the week before people are their most tired, or Sunday
when people are generally winding down from their weekend.
I, myself, read the other ezines I subscribe to while downloading, sending out
the issues of Rim and other times that I have the time to really LOOK at them.
Hope this helps a tad.

Jan T-D

Jan Tallent-Dandridge, Marketing Warrioress/Publisher
Proud Member of iCop)
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[epub] Re: Best day of the week Mydenise
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