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[epub] Great Option - Re: Moving my large list
Debbie - 

I found out "the hard way" that most "free" services will do 2 things
that will really hurt a list that you've worked so hard to build!

1. Require a double opt-in subscription. This is good in one way,
you have to sign up - then re-sign up with a confirmation letter. BUT - 
it will take a huge % of your subscribers! There are so many folks who
truly want to be signed up to your list & don't know much about 
the Internet (my mother is a fine example). When they sign up the 
first time, they will assume everything is set, or when they receive the
2nd letter, they will just forget about it because it seems to difficult.

2. I am currently using Listbot. They have been reliable for the most
part - BUT (a big "but") they, as well as many of the list services, will
AUTOMATICALLY delete a subscriber if their email bounces! Do you
know that I've gotton approx. 2-300 emails over the past few weeks
that I have in a file? Listbot was automatically deleting them - until
I found out about it! Now I just keep those names in a file & send 
them the newsletter on my own. You can have a bounced email for
many reasons - server is down, to many emails, broken connection,
etc. This doesn't mean that the person does not want your newsletter!

Check into those things before you decide which host to use.

I've solved all these issues by using a new newsletter service. I am
transferring over my list to host myself. This way I am in charge of my
list - no automatic deletes, autoresponders available, you can search
for readers in many ways, blah blah blah.

I had never seen anything like this service & after the little thing
happening with Listbot, I was sure glad to find an option that would
fit my needs - and I only have to pay a small 1 time small fee for 
the program.


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RE: [epub] Great Option - Re: Moving my large list David Nice
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