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RE: [epub] Great Option - Re: Moving my large list

Most of what you say about free services is true. However, having
a double opt-in subscription insures that someone other than
the subscriber cannot join a list for you. In the world of all
kinds of "junk email boxes" that people keep, you have no way
of knowing that this is indeed a "subscriber".

It really isn't "double opt-in" to require a confirmation. A
clear email that requests a confirmation only requires the
ability to read and to push the reply button. In many circles
a list that doesn't require a confirmation is not truly "opt-in".

The ideal subscriber is an active subscriber. However nice it may
look to have thousands more subscribed to your list, ultimately
it serves no useful purpose to have any questionable
to your list.

David Nice

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Debbie -

I found out "the hard way" that most "free" services will do 2
that will really hurt a list that you've worked so hard to build!

1. Require a double opt-in subscription. This is good in one way,
you have to sign up - then re-sign up with a confirmation letter.
it will take a huge % of your subscribers!


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