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[epub] co-registration services
Hi all,

Thought Chris Knight's article last week on mass subscriber acquisition
was very timely and interesting (see  It seems that
now is a great time to establish, or take to the next level, an ezine
publication at bargain-basement prices.  Was surprised to see no comment
on the article.  I make some observations below and then hope some of you
might share your experiences.

I am a relative newbie (3 mos.) and have been trying to climb the
learning curve.  I have a little cash to spend and it appears to me that
*high-volume* co-registration services are the way to go for immediate
growth at a reasonable cost with little effort.  After contacting a few
of the largest co-registration companies last week, I've found prices
currently from 20-30 cents per opt-in subscriber and as low as 5 cents
per opt-out.  I also received a quote on double opt-in subscribers for 35
cents each.  So, for just a few thousand dollars, an ezine owner can grow
his/her list by tens of thousands of subscribers within a few weeks. 

Does anyone have experience with purchasing co-reg. services from
companies like ZMedia, PermissionDirect, and/or SparkList
that they're willing to share?  Would like to make my decision on factors
other than just price.  Also, how can I ensure that the subscribers I
purchase are the most relevant subscribers to have (suggest to co-reg
company specific partner sites to use, etc.?)?  Any other thoughts on
this topic?

Perry Goldschein

Perry Goldschein, Esq. -  Publisher & Editor Review
"Your Guide to Life-Enhancing Media"


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Re: [epub] co-registration services Steve Collins
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