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Re: [epub] Re: Best day of the week
Dear E-pub List Members:

Denise's question has sparked off an interesting discussion:

> Have a question about "what is the best day of the week to distribute an 
> ezine?".  Does anyone have any thoughts, experience, knowledge or know any 

Here's my two bits worth !

I can see the logic of a full inbox at the beginning of the
week making one's index finger itch to hit the DELETE button more
often.  However, whether your subscriber does that to your ezine
- or not - is determined by the content of your zine.

Even if your reader has nothing else to do on Thursday, s/he'd be
extremely unlikely to keep reading your ezine if it is not of value.  On
the other hand, if it is useful enough, your readers will make time to
browse through it - even if they are flooded with messages on a
Monday morning.  

The actual day on which you send it out may not be as important
as making sure you *add value* to your reader's online experience
through your ezine.

> **Another question**
> I also wondering about length.  Is there a recommended max. length for an 
> ezine?  

Again, I've read through ezines that are upto 5 or even 10 pages
long because they are of enormous value.  For example, the Jim World
Gazette is one which I never miss, however long it is.  On the other
hand, I delete many more ezines that are hardly longer than one
screen - without glancing at them.

An optimal length is often quoted to be not larger than a total file
size of 20 KB.  The reason - at least initially - used to be that
some email clients like AOL convert files larger than 20 KB to
email attachments, and as attachments might contain viruses,
many readers are reluctant to open them.

Hope this helps


Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian


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[epub] Re: Best day of the week Mydenise
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