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Re: [epub] co-registration services
Hello Perry,

> I am a relative newbie (3 mos.) and have been trying to climb the
> learning curve.  I have a little cash to spend and it appears to me
> that *high-volume* co-registration services are the way to go for
> immediate growth at a reasonable cost with little effort.  After

I'm in the same boat. New to publishing and on a budget. I hesitated
on purchasing subscribers. But, being the impatient type I decided
to test the idea.

> Does anyone have experience with purchasing co-reg. services from
> companies like ZMedia, PermissionDirect, and/or SparkList
> that they're willing to share?  Would like to make my decision on
> factors other than just price.  Also, how can I ensure that the
> subscribers I purchase are the most relevant subscribers to have
> (suggest to co-reg company specific partner sites to use, etc.?)?  Any
> other thoughts on this topic?

I have no experience with the companies above but I will tell you
about two that I have worked with.

Max Shifrin -
Good service, subscribers can read your description of your
publication so they know what they are signing up for. I have
only used this service for two weeks but I have been keeping
an eye on the situation and I am happy with the quality of
subscribers. I would recommend Max, and no, I'm not an affiliate.

Marty Foleys List Builder -
Shortly after signing up for List Builder I started receiving
subscribers at a rate that had me concerned at first but
I am VERY happy with the results. You must pre-pay for
this service so I watched the results very carefully.
You provide a 15 word discription and a 100 word description
that potential subscribers can read. Undeliverables and
duplicates were under the 5% extra provided for by the
service and an issue of my newsletter went out with the
campaign more than 50% complete. Less than .05%
unsubscribed. I would recommend List Builder and I'm
not an affiliate.

If you use either of the above service based on my
recommendation, please tell them I sent you :)

> -------------------------------------------------------------
> Perry Goldschein, Esq. -  Publisher & Editor
> Review
> "Your Guide to Life-Enhancing Media"

Steve Collins


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