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[epub] Re: best days
Hi, Everyone ...

I want to thank everyone SOOOOO much for all your input from your experience, 
knowledge and intuitive sense of best days to distribute an ezine.  What  
wealth of wisdom on this list!!

The hard part is everyone had a really strong argument as far as the specific 
day you distribute which may be different than someone else.  I thought I 
would try and summarize what I gleaned from all the posts and, if I 
misinterpreted or missed a point, please correct me (because I found it all 
valuable).  I will also answer individual questions at the end of my post.

1.  The days most popular for distrubtuing with the responses I got were 
tues., wed., couple on thurs., and sunday.

2.  Rick Levine, chief wizard, uses a sohpisticated alogorithm based on birth 
data and natural rhythms.  (Being a mathematician by background, I find it an 
interesting and novel concept.  good luck on your service!)

3.  End of the week -  fri., or  sat - are alot less favorable for some 
unless you are distributing multiple times per week.  The exception is Neil 
who delivers over 5 million messages per week and found no difference is 
weekday deliver days but did find that in some cases, Sunday actually 
increased response rates.

4.  It also sends like when  person reads your ezine may also have much to do 
with the nature of your ezine - eg., humor for when a person wants to unwind 
like evenings or weekends, perhaps during the weekday if more business 
related, etc.

It's obvious it is an art, not a science, in cyber base since end user 
internet habits  are not directly parallel to their offline behavior.  I know 
for me alot has to do with the load of mail  I get on any given day as to 
what I read or don't read. 

Dirk ---- Thanks for that glass of champagne.  We'll have to toast to new 
ezines more often :)).

Bridget --- Thanks for your comment about  segmenting my monthly ezine into 
smaller more frequent distributions - like weekly.   I had thought about that 
and may do that in the future.   It would take some thought though  since my 
ezine "model" covers the 3 main aspects of my business coaching model - ie., 
mindset, strategy and performance - which is what is lengthening it.  I give 
"tips" on all 3 and then have feature article, Q&A, etc.  So I am not sure 
how I would divide that up without destroying my integrated model and what I 
consider my core differentiation  and expertise in the coaching world.  If 
you have thoughts, I am really open.  

The other reason I hesitate doing that right now is I am not sure where I 
would create extra time in an overloaded schedule.  I am currently doing the 
ezine right now as an adjunct to my business to promote what I do and not as 
a separate profit.  I would  love input from others - especially those 
producing more than monthly - how you find the time?  Do you have help?  Over 
time how did you streamline your process, do get more efficient?  

Lou --- the name of my ezine is The Empowered Business (tm).  Thanks for 
asking.  What's yours?

Neil --- Thanks for your comment about testing.  When you say "testing" in 
terms of ezine distribution, I am not exactly sure how you are doing your 
test and what you are measuring as the basis of your test??  You mention 
response rate -- response rate to what??  To ads, special offers, etc.?  Is 
that the way you test to see if subscribers are reading it and which days 
have better response rates to your ads??

Which brings me to my last question -- how do you all track/measure the 
"results" of your ezine?  Do you just track subscriber/removal rates?  Are 
there other measures you use to track not just the subscription rate but also 
whether your ezine is being read (which to me is the more important factor 
for the goal of my ezine)?

Sorry  about the length of this post.  I'd want to make sure I understood 
your responses and wanting to learn as much as I can without having to 
re-invent the wheel.

Blessings to you all,
Denise Corcoran


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