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[epub] changing the industry/changing my life

There has been so much negativity of late -- increasing difficulties getting
advertisers, and other problems in the ezine publishing industry, etc.
After a recent column from Fred Langa, and a post (Manifesto) from Chris
Pirillo at his Lockergnome website about how much is given away (among other
things)...  I have been forced to realize that if the 'big wheels' like Fred,
Chris, and others who have written in this discussion group, are facing such
difficulties, there's no way in heck I'll ever realize my goals for making
Two Scoops and You Are The Light self-supporting through advertising or
affiliate programs.

I informed my readers last week of my decision to cease weekly free
publication, and will be moving to a single publication with a
paid-subscription format.   At least 90% of those who responded expressed
regrets for the loss, gratitute for what I've given them, and best wishes for
the future.  But I also got some incredibly nasty and vicious comments --
like how DARE I presume to think I should make money at this, or one
misguided reader who didn't think she got Two Scoops free because she was
paying $25 a month for her internet connection (uhhh... her ISP hasn't sent
me a royalty check, have any of you gotten one???),  and one "precious" note
from a publisher who decided her publication is better than mine, she does
twice as much research as I do, her publication has graphics and much nicer
than mine, and she enjoys giving it away, so I need to get over the idea that
I should expect anything when all I do is type or cut-and-paste plain text
into an email.    (She's entitled to her opinion, of course - everyone's
taste is different).   One woman was surprised -- she thought I actually
worked from some big company, she had no idea I was writing 8-10 columns
myself everyweek in my available free time!!!

Ezine/Newsletter publishers really need to begin educating our audiences that
they need to give something for what they get.  Of course, it should go
without saying that what we give must be top quality and actually worth a
fair market price, but we have to educate our readers that what they get is
not "FREE" -- maybe they receive it for free, but every one of us has
expenses incurred in publishing and SOMEbody is paying for it.  If we aren't
at least breaking even through advertising, product sales, or something, yet
the readers send gushing fan mail about how wonderful our work is, they need
to be prepared to pay for it if they want to keep it.

I realize there are some newsletters that go out as part of a larger business
effort, and while you take a loss on the newsletter expenses, you make up for
it in expanded sales or by viewing it as advertising for your business.
Others, such as mine, were stand-alone products with nothing else to support
it except my bi-weekly paycheck from my day job!

So.... watch this space for news of a paid-subscription newsletter coming
this summer!

Ray Whiting,  Author/Minister
Whiting's Writings, International


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