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Re: [epub] I have a ? about list management
Hi Lisa,

I have just learned about a mail list management software called
Mailloop. It is supposed to automated everything. I haven't tried
it myself, but plan to when my list grows to about 300 and
unmanageable with Outlook. It is recommend by one of the
most widely known Internet Marketing people, Corey Rudl.

It is software to automate everything.... *Newsletter Server
*Autoresponders *Newsgroups *Webform Processing *Bulk Emailer
*Automatic Scheduler *Act Like A Mail Server *Full Email Database Merging
*Flame/Bomb Filter and they tell me you can send html newsletters
using it.

It's located at:

It looks like a great product to me.

I'll be interested in seeing what you think about it.

Good Luck.

Kathy Sparks
Your Virtual Resource


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Re: [epub] I have a ? about list management Casey
[epub] I have a ? about list management floopee
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