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[epub] Free Mailing Lists
I am confused about which of the three free mailing list services to use for my forthcoming ezine. The options are Yahoogroups, Listbot, & Topica.

Can you give me some advice please?

My initial impression thru trials is here: 

Listbot:  Has a simple user-interface for the listowner. Communications to & from subscribers are faster & more reliable.

Egroups: Has more features than Listbot, like chatrooms. Can send HTML Ezine also. These may be useful in long run.

Topica: The form letters are better worded / drafted.

Request comments about your experiences with these.

My ezine is for human resource professionsals, and subsciber base may (optimistically) reach 1000 after 12 months. I do not expect to reach figures like 10,000 ever.




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