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Re: [epub] changing the industry/changing my life
In response to Ray Whiting

I can really feel your frustration, Ray. We've been in the business of
publishing online since the mid nineties and as far as subs are concerned
not much has changed. We've had the nasty emails from stupid people who
think they're entitled to free information as well as a roof over their
heads and three meals a day!! I say 'stupid' because anyone with an ounce of
sense would realize that if they're getting it for free then someone else is
paying double.

I now edit an ezine called Online publishing News (about publishing online!)
and I can tell you from the material that I read and publish that it is the
same for everyone even the very big organizations. Even the Wall Street
Journal is being hit by the ad slump - though it still does well on subs.
But, the good news is that the big guys are trying to change things at the
top. In just the last couple of months there have been announcements from
the New York Times,, Media Central (Primedia), the FT and others
(can't recall them all) about switching to subscription based business
models. Some have come up with some quite imaginative ways of introducing
the idea ie Premium Services. Salon  has launched an ad-free newswire which
it will charge for while it continues to send ads out with its free service.
This is all good because these companies may just have the clout to change
the everything-for-free culture which currently reigns supreme. Then again,
they may not! - but they are in with a better chance than any of us.

You might also be interested to know that refusal to pay is very much a
North American disease. I ran a story a few weeks ago on a research study
into attitudes toward paying for content. The survey found that Latin
Americans are much more open to the idea of paying as are Europeans and
Asians (Some companies do very well from selling content in Japan). the
British are also a bit tight. This has opened publishers minds to the idea
of translation (but it is a big expense).

If you want to read any of these stories go to
(it's free!) and 'Browse' on subscription marketing, market research or any
of the company names.

Thanks to everyone for the interesting exchange of ideas.

Soozie Campbell


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Re: [epub] changing the industry/changing my life Ray S. Whiting
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[epub] changing the industry/changing my life Ray S. Whiting
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