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Re: [epub] Big Zine Attitude
Oh, Debbie, you have hit one of my very BIGGEST pet peeves! Rim Digest now
has over 4100 subs because I bought out a bigger one and merged his with my
then 1600. I remember a year ago when I had 32 subs and was trying to even
see that HUGE 100 member mark and the "BIGGIES" all said things like "I will
spap with your piddly little unimportant ezine if you run my ad fifty times
for your one (which will be at the very bottom of my very important and
significant newsletter)" and tho, of course, so were not the real words used,
we all know what they mean!

Well, some of these 1000+ ones that refused a swap with me when I ONLY had
997 or so because I did not meet their magic number have turned the tables on
themselves because now with my 4000+ sub base, THEY are seeking ME out and I
could care less about swapping with them!

I find the biggest pleasure in helping new and tiny ezines get some promotion
and have traded, at 4600 as my highest, with one with 50 subs and all of the
others who ask.

These "so important" Bigger guys are really just not all they think they are,
it seems.

I do have to say, I correct the above statement, it was not ALL, just most.

The wonderful Bryan Hall from megasuccess cronichles not only swapped with me
while at about 100 ( and he had, I think, 100,000+!!!) but highlighted me to
his whole ezine member base to help me get going, and so did jl scott, Eileen
Rodriguez, Pam Heywood, and others with sub bases much bigger than mine was.

This is the point, I would think, of even doing the ad swaps. If you have ten
or ten thousands subs, I want your readers to consider my ezine and I want
mine to check out yours.

Jan T-D
Jan Tallent-Dandridge, Marketing Warrioress/Publisher
Proud Member of iCop)
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