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Re: [epub] Big Zine Attitude
Hi Debbie:

I had that happen to me last year. I went to swap with one of the "big 
names" that we all would recognize if I mentioned it here.

He told me that my list of 2000 or so paled in comparison to his 26,000 and 
would not be worth it to him, or something to that effect.

Now, as a businessman, it's his right to accept or refuse a swap, I accept 

But he replied in such a way that "JERK" was the only word that popped into 
my head as I read it.

Fast forward to a year later - I have 2 lists for a combined total of 
almost 29,000 readers.

I take pleasure in not promoting or recommending this jerk's products to my 
readers. If he only knew how much his attitude cost him in the past year.

That's why I will swap with anyone - I would rather have access to 10 new 
people than none.

It makes good business sense and it is the right thing to do. We all had 
small lists once.

Frank Garon, Webmaster


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