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Re: [epub] Big Zine Attitude
I think there is a tendancy for people to want to swap with similar 
circulations and I don't have a problem with that at all.  That said, 
smaller ezines like yours are great swapping partners.  I have run ads in 
large Ezines and gotten 1/10 the response that I have gotten in some of 
my favorite smaller Ezines with 1/4 the circulation (which were slightly 
more targeted).  Which always leads to ask the following questions: Are 
their subscribers real?  Are subscribers less likely to click on ads that 
are in an Ezine with a large subscriber base for some strange reason?  Do 
they clean their list?  Is there something about the way that they grew 
their list that makes them a less desirable advertising opportunity than 
a smaller list?...  I know there are some great, large lists to advertise 
in, but generally, I get a better response from smaller lists.  So while 
it may be knawing at you, a smaller Ezine may be the best swap for you 
anyway.  In advertising and swaps, I generally haven't been blown away by 
the responses I get from lists with 20,000+ even if they appear to be on 
target.  I look for Ezines that I like in the 4,000 to 15,000 range.  Am 
I the only one that has experienced diminishing returns as I advertise or 
swap with larger and larger lists?


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