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Re: [epub] Listbot? Yahoogroups? Topica? Which is best?

As far as transferring your documents etc... to Topica it probably won't 
work.  99% of
the time those documents are stored on a specific server with the hosting 
company.  You
should be able to go into the documents and copy and paste them into a word 
document or
something till your new list host is set up.  That way it's just a matter 
of a copy and a paste.

As far as your confirmation problem goes; I know some host companies offer 
a timed confirmation
script that will resend the confirmation every few days or something.  This 
way it gets in front
of the potential sub more often and should have a effect on reducing you 
non confirmed members.

The most important thing when choosing a list hosting company is that they 
offer a good product with
good features.  Hopefully at a good price and with service.  There are a 
ton of host companies out there
so it doesn't hurt to look at a bunch.

Good luck,


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[epub] Listbot? Yahoogroups? Topica? Which is best? Rose Clarke
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