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Re: [epub] Big Zine Attitude
Jan, I agree....  I don't recognize all those names, but jl scott was most
kind to swap and make mention in Monday Memo of Two Scoops when it was small
and coming up.  Others, too, weren't  busy counting numbers and making sure
they got X times exposures in trade for one exposure of mine... I couldn't
figure... why would they want me to push their ad to the same small list 20
times... it's not like my 100 or 200 people suddenly changed week to week so
new eyes would actually SEE their ads!!!  hehehehehe

There ARE indeed many good and worthy publishers who believe in helping the
little guy, and I've met some of them.  I've also met several of the other
sort.  I guess part of the trick is to build a relationship FIRST (write and
make professional chit-chat a while) and then ask for a swap with your
new-found publishing friend and colleague, versus begging for space from one
of those "big gun" strangers out there who doesn't know you from Adam or
Eve.  :-)

Just my own two cents' worth.

Ray Whiting


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[epub] Big Zine Attitude Debbie Adams
Re: [epub] Big Zine Attitude Jan Tallent-Dandridge
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