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[epub] HTML and Plain Text in a Single Email Message

I've been reading this list for a while now to see what issues email
newsletter and e-zine publishers go through.  A while back there was a
discussion/plea about how to get both HTML and plain text email in a single
message. I know how to do this and sent mail to the list detailing how to,
but the solution is quite complex without specialized software.

So my question is how many of you would be interested in an easy solution to
this?  My idea is for a free web page where you will simply paste the plain
text version of your newsletter in one box and the HTML version in another,
fill out the subject and who you want the message to appear that it is from.
Then just paste in a list of people to send it to, and click send. There
would be no bounce or subscriber management - you would be on your own for
these features.

Before I embark on this programming task though, I'd like to know how many
of you are interested and what the size of your list(s) is/are. As the
service would be free, I have 2 major concerns, I don't want to bog down my SMTP servers and I also don't want to make this an easy tool for spammers to use.

I would like to hear from as many of your as are interested, along with any
suggestions you might have for keeping this tool out of the hands of
spammers (e.g. a recommendation/sponsorship system where one or more
existing members would have to recommend/sponsor someone before that could
use the tool).

Please let me know.

Clay Ver Valen


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