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Re: [epub] Big Zine Attitude

Since my newsletter is extremely targeted - and therefore small (500+ 
subscribers), I face that situation quite a bit.  I try to target similar 
niche publications but even then I have had problems.

Personally, I don't care what the subscriber base is of a publication - as 
long as it caters to my audience.  I am certain I would have a better 
exchange rate with a smaller similar niche newsletter than a mega humor 
(etc) list - but some people just can't see past the numbers.  That's their 

I once tried to exchange ads with a larger stock related ezine but the 
publisher was really negative about the subscriber difference.  What he 
failed to see was that maybe only 1/10 of his subscribers would even be 
interested in my newsletter but the majority of my subscribers would have 
at least checked out his site.  And back issues of {Money Finder} are 
archived at so his ad really wouldn't have died, while mine 
would have been a one shot deal as he doesn't keep old stock pics on file.

I read a few of the list announcement mailing lists so that I can find NEW 
(ie smaller) lists which might interest my subscribers and contact 
publishers about doing ad swaps right from their creation.  Most will give 
me one swap right away and another one once they have grown a bit.  This 
might be a good idea for other small lists - do swaps with newly created lists.

{Money Finder} is still under a year old and I can remember checking daily 
to see if I had broken 100 <g>


Rhonda M. Holland
Publisher, Money Finder


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