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[epub] Re: Big Zine Attitude
Hi all

Only just joined, but what a great list! Loads of ideas.

In my spare time, I run a science fiction web-magazine (established 1994) with 
some friends. I have got 3997 subscribers to the mag's monthly e-mail version 
split between Listbot and Topica.

I actually find that I get a higher take-up to my list via Listbot than 

Both my Topica and Listbot lists get about 300 spam bounce errors a month 
as spammers send junk to the subscribe address of my lists, using forged 
headers. From my point of view, this is a good reason to keep the lists with 
Listbot etc, using the harsh double opt-in method. My site's ISP would kill me 
if I got that many bounce backs from idiot spammers who had signed up with 
forged addresses.

If anyone wants to do a swap of an advert promoting another list, I'm game. I 
don't much care if it's SF related or not, because hey, we all like Trek and 
Star Wars, right? Well ... OK ... most of us do.

Next magazine is due to go out May 1st. Do please drop me a line at 
if you're interested. I don't care if you've only got 
100 subs either - big zine attitude does indeed sucks.



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RE: [epub] Re: Big Zine Attitude Diana Ward
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