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[epub] Various Things - List Management & Free Newsletters
I have read with great interest the posts about free vs. paid subscriptions.
Although I am just getting started, it seems to me that the idea of try to
make a profit through advertising is doomed to fail, or at least falter - if
most people are like me, they just ignore the ads. There have been so many
ads in the "good ol' days" that readers are numb to them, which leads to
much lower revenues for advertisers, which leads to nobody wanting to pay
for advertising that does not draw customers. Maybe I am crazy, but that's
the way the trends look to me. The only negative of charging is getting
folks to plunk down their money for something they are not sure if they
want - you have to give trial subs to conquer that. Plus, there are lots of
stuff I get for free that I would NEVER pay to get, so you must be
indispensable. Anyone care to persuade me otherwise? I am open to be
educated on this thought.

Also, on the matter of list management - I charge for subscriptions - and I
am set up with Plug-N-Pay to do my credit card clearing. They have a very
slick database that tracks ALL of my orders, then I just run a simple query,
save it as a text file and import it into a database in Excel. Then I take
the email addresses, copy them to the clipboard and import that into Aureate
Group Mail - which cost about $40 at and works very well - it says
it will handle lists of over 10,000 easily (I do not know yet). That is how
I do it - anybody got a better way? Plus, if you charge for subs, then you
do not have to mess with all these confirmations and stuff.

Your input?

Mark Wilfong


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