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[epub] Re: list manager problems - could use your help
Hi, All ..

I am appreciating everyone's discussion on list management services.  I was 
just about ready to send my premiere issue last nite of my zine and murphy's 
law hit!!! (yikes!!)

My list resides at topica.  I  already have 100 subscribers just with 
marketing a couple of weeks in pre-launch so I am ready to hit the street.  
As of yesterday, I am not only having problems sending myself a test message 
(which I have done in the past and have not had problems), but also an 
initial error message when I login (although I do get through eventually).

When I send my test message, it does not go through.  Alot of mumbo jumbo 
"error talk" I know nothing about.  The initial login message is they "cannot 
process my request since my cookies is disabled" (which it is not and I have 
empty cookies to boot).  Soooooooooooo ... I am feeling like I am about to 
give birth to a baby with intense labor pains and the doctor is no where to 
be found :)).

So my questions ... is there anyway of calling these guys at topica?  I don't 
see a # although I would imagine maybe I could find one in the directory 
assistance.  Whether I can get thru is another story.  I know in the past 
when I have contacted through email, they had taken days to get back to me.  
Anyone else have any experience with topica?

Is there support service any different/better with any of the other list 

I have tried starting a new list with a different email address and am 
getting the same problems.  Since I am aol user, I have reinstalled my 
software but that does not help.

Any other thoughts of what I can do to get around this boulder and still get 
my ezine out?  I know my subscribers are not waiting at the end of their 
seats for my ezine, but it feels like they are since I am chumping at the bit.

Since I get the digest form of this list, if you have any suggestions, could 
you email directly (as well as share with the group since I am sure it will 
be of value to others)?

Thanks so much for your help.



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