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[epub] $ ideas for your ezine/Re:List Management & Free Newsletters
How about we don't worry about......
fee based subscriptions and paid ads, etc...

Without those headaches - lets find other ways for you to profit
with your ezines!

I've never had a paid ad - or charged for subscriptions, but I've
made good money anyway (thank God =). 

I know there are alot of "experts" out there who say we should ALL
be doing things a certain way but...... each of us has a unique
publication & unique opportunities to earn money from it in different

I have a newsletter (Heart & Home) which is connected to 
a website:

Some of you may have newsletters - without a website so the 
ideas will naturally have to be different.

I remember the first time I read through a piece of good 
information - on a subject that I "thought" I needed to learn 
about - accepting credit cards online.

It was a great read & at the end of the article, the writer told
me how to get in touch with a provider to get started. Do you 
know, it wasn't until months later, that I realized the writer 
was actually making money every time anyone signed up for 
a merchant account??!!!! It was so well written, that I would
have never thought of it as a money maker!

It was an area of information that I needed to learn about, a 
writer put the whole story into an article, I read it & inquired.

The newsletter didn't even belong to the writer, but he was
profiting by providing information that the readers needed
to learn. This is only one example, but I know there is 
ALWAYS many ways to profit by providing good content!

How about if some of you who need ideas - send (to the list)
the name of your ezine - the type of content you provide & your
URL if you have one.

Then I (and others) will brainstorm ways for you to make money
with your publication.

I really love to help & share ideas, so maybe this will be an
encouragement to some!

ps. I will send an overview of my story to the list as well. Maybe
it can help folks see the possibility is out there!

Pearl Sanborn
*Who went from 0 to 5 figures with no advertising & almost 0 cost!
If I can do it - I KNOW you can!


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