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Re: [epub] Re: list manager problems - could use your help
Hi, Denise. I have my Newbies911 discussion list still hosted at Topica but
moved Rim Digest to its own domain last fall when Topica had a "temporary" lost
list problem that lasted five V E R Y long days!

The one thing I never had a problem with at Topica was the formatting of the
issues! That part was always perfect, but...there were days I would send out the
ezine and 6 hours later it had not gone through, or I would get an error message
and then try to send it again...only to have it go through from 2 to 4 times

I still use them for my newbies list because the messages are usually not
imperative or of an emergency type priority, but I also now take paid ads for my
ezine and Topica did not want us doing that and interfering with their ads. Now
they have an option where you do not have to have their ads on the issues, but I
have not sent an issue through them in so long I have never seen it.

I manage unlimited lists with a software product called add2it that is under $50
and does UNLIMITED lists with tons of perks, or even has a free version that a lot
of ezine pubs are using to manage and mail their issues out with. There is a tiny
"ad" for add2it when you use the free one but it is like the tiny "yahoo" or
"hotmail" ones that go out on all of their email and no big deal.
you can check it out here:

I use optin lightning to send Rim now just because of its speed and great reseller
opp, but you really cannot beat add2it and Frank Bauer is wonderful with not only
tech support but will also install it for you if you do not know how for a VERY
reasonable fee.

While your list is this size is the best time to make any changes you need to make
or move it if you decide to. I just merged 1600 Rim Digest subs with 3000 from
Internet Wealth Trainer a couple of weeks ago and that just about was the end of
me and luckily, my sanity was no longer in danger or I would be relaxing in a
stress center right now, LOL.

As you say, the main problem with Topica's tech support is that it can be 5 to 10
days before more than the autoresponder acknowledging your plea for help comes and
we need to move a lot more quickly than that!

Jan T-D
p.s. when you get your list all straightened out, send me your ad and I will be
glad to introduce you to 4100 very responsive internet marketers.


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[epub] Re: list manager problems - could use your help Mydenise
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