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Re: [epub] Archiving Tip
thanks for the tip, Garth. Word is the one editor I do not have, for some reason my
newish PC (August of last year) nor my hubbies newer one (October) had word on it
and I would use it so rarely I just never could see spending the $250+ that staples
or web sites asked for it.
I do have a program called txt2html but it does not put the paragraphs breaks or
anything in and I guess I get lazy but it takes me an hour NOW that I have
practiced it to take a 30-ish K text issue and do the html breaks, etc.

lazy Jan :-(

>>Garth Catterall-Heart wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> Here are a few easy ways to convert your ezine to html:
> 1) If you have Word, you can save your text file as html from the File menu.
> 2) In any decent text editor, use search and replace to add <br> before
> every line ending (search for return, replace with <br> and return)
> 3) Use the <pre> tag to enclose the whole newsletter like this:
> <html><head><title>title</title></head>
> <body>
> <pre>
> Your newsletter here.
> </pre>
> </body>
> </html>
> Regards,
> Garth Catterall-Heart
> SpiritWorks Software Development
> Internet Guide -


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[epub] Archiving Tip Garth Catterall-Heart
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