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Re: [epub] HTML and Plain Text in a Single Email Message
At 05:27 PM 4/10/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>I've been reading this list for a while now to see what issues email
>newsletter and e-zine publishers go through.  A while back there was a
>discussion/plea about how to get both HTML and plain text email in a single
>message. I know how to do this and sent mail to the list detailing how to,
>but the solution is quite complex without specialized software.

Hi Clay,

Personally, I'm not interested in sending text/HTML multipart
messages to subscribers, primarily because it doesn't offer
them a choice of format. Plus, you end up sending all the
content twice, which is very quickly going to make your email
messages quite large. (The file size factor is one of the most
common objections to HTML email.)

Until there's an inexpensive solution that allows subscribers
to set their own preferences on a single list, I will continue
to maintain two separate lists for every ezine I publish. Here's
an example: (I'm using Lyris to host
the lists, and the subscription form offers the choice of one or
the other.)

I still regard text as the "standard" and only send HTML as
a value-added service to people who specifically request it.

I may be the exception to the rule, however, and if there's a
lot of interest and you decide to go ahead with developing
your tool, I would be willing to help however I can.

Actually, here's what I would be interested in, and it's even
simpler than what you're talking about: A simple Web-based
form that allowed you to paste in the HTML source code and it
would spit out a properly-formatted HTML email message with
the right content-type headers. Lyris has this functionality
built in, but it would be cool to have something that could
create and send HTML email messages to some of the free list
hosting providers. Hmmm... I could probably almost write that
script myself ;-)


Brian Alt
Comprehensive Email Publishing Solutions


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