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RE: [epub] Outlook could block your ezine
Diane apparently missed the point of the article in the link she provided,
as the article was about SPAM FILTERS; so as Paul Harvey says, here's the
rest of the story!

The article discussed SPAM filters, not just in Email Clients, but also the
web in general.  The article used as an example, Outlook's default filter
settings which are BY DEFAULT TURNED OFF ... but she forgot to mention that.

She also forgot to mention that the subject of the article is really about
Spam Filters, not just in email clients, but the web in general.  Here is a
more honest excerpt from the actual article.

"The filter issue is not limited to e-mail software. Most of the Web-based
e-mail services, from Hotmail to Yahoo!, and most ISPs as well have spam
filters with similar types of blunt-edged rules which can block your best
opt-in efforts. "

The "list of rules" which Diane attributes to sitepoint, are actually
published on the Microsoft Website and is public information.  The article
correctly attributes and provides a link to this specific example of how
Spam Filter defaults can be configured.

Filters such as these are not new.  Back in the Mid-80's when I ran a
Bulletin Board Service, we commonly used filters that blocked messages with
certain words or word strings.  Users of several offline mail readers also
had filters, one of the most popular offline mail readers not only allowed
you to filter by words, but also had a "TWIT" filter that allowed users to
filter out email from specific individuals as well.  

Here, almost two decades later ... our filter techniques have hardly
changed.  I can remember quite a few people who got "TWIT"ed in the 80's for
the messages they sent ... Every year, a new batch of spamers come online;
only the names change <GRIN>!!!!!!

So the assertion "If you use Outlook, or produce ezines, read this page!" is
a little overhyped and inappropriately targets one email client in a sea of
email client filters, web site filters, email server filters, in the greater
ocean of email exchange that we swim in each day.

-----Original Message-----
From: Dianne Reuby []
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2001 5:19 AM
To: epub Moderator
Subject: [epub] Outlook could block your ezine

The Sitepoint ( ) Tribune newsletter pointed this 
site out.

has a list of the rules which MS Outlook uses to decide if an incoming 
email is "spam" - your legitimate opt-in ezine could be blocked if, for 
example, the body contains
"///////////"  - I've seen this used as a divider on legitimate ezines. (I 
use Eudora, not Outlook).

If you use Outlook, or produce ezines, read this page!

Dianne Reuby


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