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RE: [epub] HTML and Plain Text in a Single Email Message
At 07:48 AM 4/12/2001 -0700, Mountain Valley Growers wrote:
>Brian you wrote,
><send HTML email messages to some of the free list
>hosting providers.>
>Why would you do this?
>What am I missing?

I offer text and HTML versions of most of the ezines I publish.
But I've never been able to accomplish sending customized HTML
through the free hosting providers. (Actually, that's not true.
The way eGroups was set up when it was still OneList made
sending HTML messages pretty easy.)

And it's important to note that I'm not simply talking about
HTML-format messages with links and some font variations (like
what you can create in an email client), but about sending
actual custom web pages through an email list. Pages like this: (That's
an HTML-format ezine that I send out using Lyris.)

Lyris makes this easy, but many of my clients/readers have
asked how they can send HTML-format ezines through one of the
free list hosting services.

I'm going to write a CGI script that I _think_ will accomplish
sending HTML messages through YahooGroups, Topica, etc. I'm
in the process of writing several ebooks and I'm also moving
next week, so it's hard to say when I'll get to this script,
but when I do (and if the technique works), I'll make the
script available to the list.


Brian Alt
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Re: [epub] HTML and Plain Text in a Single Email Message Brian Alt
RE: [epub] HTML and Plain Text in a Single Email Message Mountain Valley Growers
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