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[epub] Brainstorming for $ /Re:wanted:success stories
In a message dated 4/16/01 7:03:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
> I would.
> Hi, I could really use a bit of a lift. I am at a turning point where I 
> need to totally believe in what i am doing and only then will i have the 
> money coming in for my life's work. The short of it is i am trying to raise 
> money for my web portal,, so that I can continue writing 
> my book as well as designing the site.
> Any inspiration would be valuable to me (as well as any ideas on who might 
> be interested in contributing money for an online presence dedicated to 
> helping those who "have gone on their own path" in life and could use a 
> lifting hand). I have so much to offer but am constantly held back myself 
> from, let's call it, "past programming." 
> I am wit's end.
> could this be a turning point for me?
> Carl Contino

Dear Carl - 

I've gone to your site & it looks like you have the ability to
produce a great looking Web site.

I'm not sure what the "subject" of your site is. I see that you
are remodeling, but wanted to offer these thoughts.

Things to remember:

1. People will come to your site because they want the information
/services/products that you offer. Unless your service
is Web site design, don't spend most of your effort on Web site
design. Get the content out there in front of your readers.

I tend to have this problem! I am an information hog!!! If I want
to do something new with my site - or write a new article - 
I tend to spend days/weeks diving into ALL the how-tos of
the issue. I have to CONTINUALLY remind myself that I have 
to keep focused & get to the actual point of my work!

While it is fun & beneficial to "me," readers want great info &
don't necessarily care about a new little gadget on the site, or
how the process actually works ;) Like I said, I'm not sure what
you're offering, but I wanted to pass this tip along to you. 

2. What is it that you actually want to make money on?
The site?
A product?
A service?

3. What part of your business is the part you LOVE to do?

Want to help,
Pearl Sanborn - Internet Coupons Galore! - Homesteading & Frugal Living Heaven!


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