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Re: [epub] Click to Pay
I had a similar link at Two Scoops and You Are The Light... a PayPal link for
readers to contribute.  Over a 3 or 4 month period, a whole TWO people used
it, and each for only $10.   And I caught a bunch of flak for even suggesting
readers might want to contribute anything back to help pay the expenses for a
"FREE" newsletter.

Good luck with it.  Both my sites are coming down.  I'm pretty much out of
the free newsletter business, and there will be many more using the Exit door
this year, I'm suspect.

Ray Whiting

Debbie Adams wrote:

> Hi all -
> I'm always on the lookout for ways to have Homefires Hearth pay for
> itself. I spend countless hours on the puter and what I've received
> in the past 12 months wouldn't pay my electric bill for a month.  :o\
> Anyhow, while visiting one of my favorite recipe sites yesterday, I
> saw a link to Click to Pay by It's a way for visitors to
> *contribute* to the site. This looks really good (though I wouldn't
> hold my breath for contributitons), and I'm seriously thinking of
> adding it to my site. I'm very picky about my advertisers and
> appearing to want to make money off my subscribers as we're aimed at
> Christian Homemakers and lets just say that some days it seems I walk
> on eggshells...


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[epub] Click to Pay Debbie Adams
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