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Re: [epub] The invasion of the Pop-Ups
I would like to add my comment on this subject.
Just today, I received a newsletter, supposedly, that
led me on with a promise of an article on a subject
related to the one promised when I subscribed. I
clicked on a link and got a pop-up window with a
summary. Another link to click.. this time I got
information about the author and another promise of an
article just a click away. I clicked again... What do
I get? Another window with an ad for the book that the
author wrote. Now, I have opened an e-mail and clicked
three times. What do I have? Nothing.   

By the way, this group is great. I always read every
edition. It is never one of the ones to drop by the
wayside when time is short. Which goes to show, when
there is interesting content, there will be a reading public.


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Re: [epub] The invasion of the Pop-Ups Richard Quah
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