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Re: [epub] Click to Pay
I just added PayPal to a website and, as of now, can only give my opinion
since it is too early to have results. I, too, am picky about any would-be
advertisers because this site has to do with creating substance abuse
prevention for very young people. My thought was that, if someone believed
in the concept and accepted my credentials, they would be willing to
contribute a small amount (as little as $2) to helping me develop this
program. If enough people contributed, I wouldn't have to try other means of

Though PayPal contributors are anonymous, I offer to place their names on a
special donors page if they contact me. I also am offering a drawing for an
Amazon gift certificate as an extra incentive.

I think this has some possibility. A good marketer with good content would
probably make it work very well. I look at it as an alternative to credit
cards and such. Of course, there are ways to use PayPal to have content paid
for before it is delivered. Amazon actually sets this up, in a way, by
delivering follow-up thank you emails. The contribution is limited to $50
but that can cover a lot of content.

This probably hasn't been much help but I may be able to add more after the
site has been up for a while and promoted more. Let's hear anyone's thoughts
about using this method. -Jim

James E. Morris, MSEd.
Project Free Child
Substance abuse education at the earliest age.


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