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Re: [epub] Advice Please
Hi, Joe. Yes, we all do. I copy it right out of my list host software program that they are not subscribed with that address and ask them to recheck or if they are using a forwarding address tell them to unsub that one.
We still get the ones who insist they only have one email address and we are holding them hostage but I have found when I tell them to just hit "reply" on the next issue or solo ad so we can both see the address it goes TO,
they come up with the needed one.

Jan T-D
Jan Tallent-Dandridge, Marketing Warrioress/Publisher
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Joe Bingham wrote:

> Do any of you ever have someone send in a request to be removed, only the address they sent the request from is nowhere to be found on your subscriber list?  Also, there is no name just 'webmaster' or some such vague thing.
> Any ideas on the best way to handle this?
> Thanks,
> Joe Bingham
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