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Re: [epub] Advice Please
On 17 Apr 01, at 12:20, Joe Bingham wrote this Re:[epub] Advice Please

> Do any of you ever have someone send in a request to be removed,
> only the address they sent the request from is nowhere to
> be found on your subscriber list?  Also, there is no name
> just 'webmaster' or some such vague thing.
> Any ideas on the best way to handle this?


I've had the same problem when I managed my list myself.
This is why I moved to a list management service so that they
could handle this type of thing. 

Here is how to find out what email address you need to
remove. Tell the person wanting to be removed to 
look at the full header of the next issue they get to
get the address they used to subscribe. And to
send it to you so that you can remove them.

Some people will subscribe using many different email
addresses to one ezine. I had one that had subscribed
using five different email addresses. Why they would need
five copies, I wouldn't know. 

One other way to find out which email address you need
to remove is to tell them to send you every email they have
used the past year. You will find that after asking them
to do this that some will find out how to removed 
themselves. For the others that truly want to be removed,
they will send you their list of email addresses, and I'm
sure you'll find the right one in their list.

I hope this helped...

David Hallum
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