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RE: [epub] Click to Pay
It sounds good to me. Sometimes I would like it if I got tips for going the
extra miles for personalized service. I would like for people to appreciate
it, to "tip me". I won't hold my breathe, but I will look at what Amazon is
doing. Customers need to be eased into the reality that they are price
discounting the places they like to shop out of business when getting the
lowest price and should think about tipping for the great service. Why is
the restaurant industry different? They pay people $2 an hour and I pay
directly for descent service by tipping.

I am being aproached by advertisers who don't really have products that are
in the group of things I want to use space for in advertising to my
customers. I've started evaluating whether the space is better used by me
than selling it for less than it might bring me in customer satisfaction,
information, and fullfillment. I am not approving requests for paid
advertisements if they just utilize the traffic count. I, however don't
think readers/subscribers/customers should recent me making money off
advertisement. You and I cannot do everything as a hobby or as a volunteer
and we can't be in business for free.

Sometimes I bet Amazon feels like trying new things like this because they
were the beginning of affiliate programs and they don't get any residual for
everyone on the internet using that practice today.

Just my humble opinions.

-----Original Message-----
From: Debbie Adams 

Hi all -

I'm always on the lookout for ways to have Homefires Hearth pay for
itself. I spend countless hours on the puter and what I've received
in the past 12 months wouldn't pay my electric bill for a month.  :o\

Anyhow, while visiting one of my favorite recipe sites yesterday, I
saw a link to Click to Pay by It's a way for visitors to
*contribute* to the site. This looks really good (though I wouldn't
hold my breath for contributitons), and I'm seriously thinking of
adding it to my site. I'm very picky about my advertisers and
appearing to want to make money off my subscribers as we're aimed at
Christian Homemakers and lets just say that some days it seems I walk
on eggshells...

Anyhow, I'm really interested in a discussion about pro and cons on this
type of service and interested in other choices out there with this
kind of thing.


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[epub] Click to Pay Debbie Adams
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