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[epub] Entourage and HTML
(Entourage is the new name for Outlook Express with Mac2001 Office)

We're having a bit of a challenge with HTML email going
to people using Entourage. For some reason, graphics
included in outgoing email are showing as broken links.
(We reference them on our server.) This is not a list
server issue, but something on the design side.

None of our staff has a Mac and none of the Mac users
we have on call for tests have upgraded yet to Entourage.

Entourage users who reported the problem have said they
can receive graphics ok in HTML email, but they have
had a number of cases of broken links. So it appears
that something needs to be done differently for
Entourage users. Note: to clarify with every other
mail client or web-based mail system, we don't have the
same problem. It's obviously not a case of something
being wrong with the design other than for Entourage

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix the broken links?

Thanks in advance!

Sharon Tucci
President & CEO
Sling Shot Media, LLC 


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