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[epub] Re: The invasion of the Pop-Ups
Reprinted from this week's issue of Noises From The Basement:

2)  File Find!  -  "POW!"  [214 Kb/EXE]

There's a lot of discussion that has taken place on web
publishers' forums concerning the use of "pop-ups" - 
windows that sudden open up on their own, without you
clicking.  While some webmasters tout them as great ways 
to add subscribers or sell products, others just as adamantly
warn against using them so as to avoid alienating your web

Personally, I fall firmly on the side of those that find them
extremely annoying - which is why I was quite pleased to 
find out how efficiently this week's File Find was able to
cut those aggravations down to size!

"POW! - the Pop-up Eradicator" will require a bit of training
to know your level of dislike for pop-ups; but once a pop-up
is in its database, it's a pleasure to watch those little suckers
appear and as swiftly disappear from your desktop - almost
like a balloon going ... POW!

Per licensing agreement, this one downloads from the
author's site:

Dave Gretz
Noises From The Basement>
"Lighting up your day with bright ideas for your computer!"



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