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Re: [epub] Question about confirmations
> > Or perhaps it's typical that a certain number of people don't confirm.

Right, one of the reason they don't confirm, is they did not
subscribe in the first place. Someone else entered their email

> > What should I do? How necessary are confirmations? Have any of you 
> > had trouble with them?

Keep confirming them, it will benefit you in the long run. Sure,
it will seem as though you are not getting that many
suscribers. But at least you know the one's that do subscribe
really do want your ezine. And are more likely to read it for
years to come.

> I was grappling with the same question recently and decided not to do
> confirmations after a short period with the same problems as you describe
> -- especially from my own Web site and especially while in the early
> stages trying to build a subscriber base.  Certainly, there will always
> be a certain % of people who won't confirm, which means you lose
> subscribers.

How many subsciber do you get that just unsubscribe, or say
they never subscribed in the first place and want you to remove
them from your list? If you confirm them, you would not have
that many. The reason I say that many is because, some
people will still say that they didn't subscribe and want to
be removed from your list.
> Early indications for me is that not confirming subscribers causes no
> real disadvantages. I was never convinced, nor even completely clear, of
> the problems a confirmation is meant to avoid anyway.

Not yet, you're still in the early stages. Take it from someone
that wrote the book on ezine publishing. The problem that
confirmation help you avoid is by using a confirmation system
you prevent people from subscribing under false email
addresses. You will get less "SPAM" complaints, and
you will know that the people who do subscribe are 
really serious about reading your ezine. Which means
that when or if you decide to sell ad space, your
advertisers will know that you have a quality ezine
with quality subscribers. Nothing beats a quality
mailing list...

I hope this helped...

David Hallum
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