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[epub] AOL cuts off some of my recipients
Hello group,

I have an e-newsletter with about 6000 opt-in users
that I send out once a week.  We have a separate SMTP
box for sending out email (and thus not slowing down
the web server). Problem is, not all of the email
reaches the targets... I have noticed that AOL,
Netscape, Earthlink, and others seem to "cut off" my
broadcast part of the way through...

For example, if there are 200 AOL users in the list,
maybe the first 100 or so might get the message ok, by
the rest never get it.  I have confirmed with my own

Question-- Does AOL (and others) use some weird
"anti-spam" formula that is causing this?

It is very frustrating because my e-newsletter is NOT
spam and is a very useful tool for my subscribers.  I
have been getting complaints about non-delivery.

Any ideas anyone?  How do you all go about ensuring
complete delivery to your recipients?

Thanks for any help,
-J Povilus

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