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[epub] Caution To All Ezine Publishers/Writer!
Hello Everyone!

I wanted to tell you about an experience I had last week with an 
organization called Spam Cop. On April 16, I was reported to Spam Cop 
simply because my merchant account related article appeared in a 100% "opt in 
only" e-zine that a current subscriber reported. (The e-zine is a 
business-related e-zine with a readership of more than 12,000.) 

The e-zine publisher is more than willing to assist me in clearing my name of this, and we are currently appealing this report. However, this is the problem we are now facing with this organization. It is It is Spam Cop's policy to report EVERY Web site link and email addresses included in a report. 

If you are an e-zine publisher who gets reported, that means everyone who contributes to your e-zine with an email address or web site link will be reported. They are guilty simply by association with your accused e-zine, whether the report is true or not.

Spam Cop totally hides and protects the identity of the author of the Spam 
report. Here is a portion of their response to my appeal:

"If the admin of this e-zine would like to pursue punitive action against the SpamCop user for filing a false complaint, we will need to see proof of opt-in confirmation. Otherwise, we will simply consider this matter closed."

How can the e-zine publisher prove the Spam Cop user opted in without an 
email address? Also, how can he take this person off of his list to avoid 
possible repeated complaints from the same Spam Cop user? 

It seems as though writers and e-zine publishers are especially vulnerable to these types of occurrences. My question to all of you is this indeed Spam? If not, why am I being treated like I am a spammer? 

As a result of this, I will no longer use my URL in my biography at the end of my articles. I feel that the Spam accusers/victims are being protected, but what about the falsely accused? Who is representing them?  Aren't they victims too? My email account has already been shut down because of all of this. My URL could also be in jeopardy. 

How can e-zine publishers protect their e-zine and the people who contribute 
to the content of their e-zine, such as writer's and ad sponsors? 

Don't think this is a real problem? Try visiting, a forum for many writer's publisher's (and others) who have been falsely accused of spamming, and want intelligent and fair approaches to Spam. 

Please learn from my experience and protect yourself. If you place ads, or write for or publish e-zines, you could be accused of Spam unjustly. 

Don't be next!

Review Spam Cop's Policies by visiting:


Marie Parker
Writer/Ezine Publisher
Online Marketer

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